Project Example: Rebranded Website

In a previous position as a web designer for a software company, our department was able to have a long-needed rebranding campaign approved. I took it upon myself to push for restructuring the website design and navigation for a better user journey and a more enjoyable experience.

I gathered together all the current pages of the site and the objectives of marketing, and started creating a user map to lay out a user’s journey. If it had been possible, in hindsight, I would have pushed to send out a survey email asking users about their experience.

I wireframed the site map for improved navigation and structure.

I created a wireframe layout for the homepage, with the intention of reducing the content and increasing the likelihood of prospects to click an action. At this point I presented this project to the COO and CEO, explaining the logic and design behind this redesign and its necessity; it was approved to move forward.

I started working on color palettes that integrated the current blues with new vibrant green and turquoise for a more modern updated look.

I moved on to creating mockups for some of the smaller pages, such as above, with the ‘About Us’ page. At this point the rebranding campaign had not yet decided on a new logo, so I designed one myself.

Eventually a template was found, and with many of edits from feedback from the marketing director, COO and CEO, a new homepage was staged and made live.